Seven of the Worst Cliches in Travel Photography

Seven of the Worst Cliches in Travel Photography

7. Christ the Redeemer, Brazil

Look at me Rio! I’m Jesus! Or an aeroplane! Or a startled Penguin! Hey, while your arms are up there, why don’t we nail them to a cross? Hindsight is a bitch, and I suspect sculptor Paul Landowki may have opted to keep the Messiahs hands down if he knew the masses would be queuing up to flap their arms around like Muppets in the name of getting the least original photo in Brazil. Please don’t be one of them. It’s also shows off how poorly your bi’s are coming along.


6. The Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy

Look at this idiot. Fuck that guy. Oh shit that’s me…


You have to hand it to the least interesting town in Italy, they really nailed it when it came to monetising their most pre-eminent 12th Century architectural fuck up. Today, you along with a bazillion other lemmings can clamber over one another too harness the mighty power of photographic perspective and make a brief, non-hilarious claim to the origins of the Belltowers mysterious incline. Why… It looks like you’re pushing it over! Clever photo old chap.


5. Eiffel Tower Overload, France

It’s great that you’re in Paris and all, but do you really need a Facebook album featuring you and the most famous building in Europe together in no fewer than 1078 of the 1091 pictures. There’s twenty-seven of you wearing a beret, in front of the Eiffel Tower. Another nineteen of you eating a croissant, also in front of the the Eiffel Tower. And then there’s the one with a Baguette shoved up your ass for being a basic bitch, also in front of the Eiffel Tower.


4. The ‘Working remote’, Anywhere with a pool

Lounger, check. Resort Pool in tropical location, check. Laptop, check. Cocktail in hand, check. Fine day at the Office caption, check. This is a bore perpetuated by my (Digital Nomad) people. Or people trying to be my people. Either way it’s played out to death. It’s supposed to say ‘I made it as an online entrepreneur’, but any dingus at a Club Med can stage exactly the same thing. Lift your goddamn game. How about a pic from Emirates suite class while two of the hostesses go down on you? Now that’s a real fine day at the office.


3. The Great Cliches of Giza, Egypt

When it comes worshipping the ancient Gods of Kitsch, few pay more devout homage than the thousands of tourists who descend upon the ruins of Giza every day. In a brutal sucker-punch combo to the balls of originality, one can snap the ‘Kissing the Sphinx, the ‘Touch the Pyramid tops from afar’ and of course, the ‘Walk Like an Egyptian’ all within easy distance of each other. In the name of Ra, please stop.


2. Machu Pichu, Peru

Welcome to the McDonalds of Lost Cities. Would you like every backpacking douche in South America with that? If you want to demonstrate how adventurous and outgoing you are, perhaps don’t draw attention to the fact you’re posing in front of a place every man and his dog has already been. It’s also distressingly saturated on Tinder as the token tandem travel/outdoors pic, but does serve as a handy indicator to swipe left to the simpleton that’s sporting it.


1. Tiger Temple, Thailand

Sorry kids, but posing with a malnourished, brow-beaten tiger, pumped full of more Xanax and Vicodin than Dr House is only fractionally more badass than if it were a dusty, taxidermied specimen from the Natural History Museum. Photobombing with an Apex predator is only cool if you’re in the wilderness and there’s at least some chance of it ripping your arms off.

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