8 European Countries of amazingly beautiful girls

8 European Countries of amazingly beautiful girls

The Beach boys, David Le Roth and Katy Perry are all one-eyed morons who quite clearly have never left the states. Anyone with the tiniest shred of outlook knows there are no finer girls in the world than those from the European Continent. This list is contentious only in terms of who hasn’t made the cut, since the competition in Europe is immense.

(EDIT UPDATE: In response to comments pertaining to me being misguided in my selections, my universal reply is ‘Cool story bro’)

1. Poland

The most western of the Slavic countries, Polish girls have all the benefits of the iconic Slavic girl combined with a far more educated point of view. Fair skin, delicate facial features and striking blue eyes are the stereotypical hallmarks of a Polish girl. While very sexy, they know it themselves all too well and won’t give any guy a chance with them unless he mans the fuck up. Like all Slavic girls, they believe in traditional gender roles, and expect you to be more chivalrous more than most Western girls would. Most speak excellent English, are immensely patriotic and have a strangely dry to dark sense of humour that can be outright confusing at first. They make it to number one on the basis that the sheer number of stunning Polish girls at both home and abroad is mind-blowing, often with outstanding personalities to match.

2. Lithuania

Welcome to the land of the blondes. I haven’t been to Lithuania (*2013 edit: I have since visited and stand by all of this) but from the elite core of guy travellers who’ve seen it all – this is the country blurted out in a reflex action to being questioned as to where the most stunning girls in Europe are. And based upon what I’ve seen of the girls abroad – it’s easy to know why. Lithuanians and Latvians aren’t Slavic – but Livonian: An extremely small European racial group that in its hundreds years of suffering from foreign occupation, invasion and general hardship (a common eastern European theme) has seemingly led to all the best genes rising to the top. Slim, platinum blondes come a dime a dozen here. They are cheeky, beautiful, enchanting and don’t play games. If they like you they’ll be all over you shamelessly with no holding back. If they don’t  – watch the fuck out for her brother or over-zealous guy friend come unofficial bodyguard. Lithuania and its capital Vilnius constantly top Europe’s crime violent statistics and the often hulking, inebriated Lithuanian men are very protective of their women.

3. Ukraine

Take a Russian girl, make her more petite with darker hair and more delicate features and you have a typical Ukrainian girl. Outstandingly beautiful girls in Ukraine are so common that few girls can really take massive advantage of their looks. Combined with a generally impoverished society, this is one of the main reasons you’ll see supermodel quality girls with rich, ugly old men here more than perhaps anywhere else in the world. Even the ones that don’t fit the mould as gold diggers will expect the man to pay for everything. If you’re a cheap bastard you need to view this as a cultural thing since Feminism is non-existent here. Speaking Russian or Ukrainian will definitely improve your chances massively as most know no English or indeed any other western european language. Those that do however will be eager to converse and show off their language skills to you, which might just lead to them showing off another set of more interesting skills.

4. Sweden

What list of European beauties would be complete without giving the Swedish a fair calling? Ever since Abba came out, guys the world over have been left enchanted by these stereotypically tall, blonde, blue eyed Viking trophies. While there are plenty that meet this profile, Swedish girls can be quite the mix looks wise, though almost always in the best way possible. In general it’s easier to define them (and other Scandinavian women) by their common attitude rather than their looks  – that being one of total liberation. You almost get the feeling that it’s a masculine movement that’s needed in Sweden, far more than any feminine one ever was. This is why Swedish girls are so much fun to be around and earns them massive bonus points in conjunction with their existing beauty. It’s also important to add that I could have easily substituted this spot for Denmark, Norway or Iceland.

5. Germany

It’s no wonder the Germans were so full of themselves and their racial traits 70 years ago, as both the men and women are prone to taking on the most spectacular forms of their respective genders. Both also have a tendency to be initially shy though mentalities and accents do vary greatly from region to region in the land of chocolate, Audi and lederhosen. But the women do all share some common traits, including a propensity for sexual freakiness and adventure behind closed doors (and occasionally open ones) – especially the seemingly quiet, bespectacled ones.

6. Estonia

Bundled in with Latvia and Lithuania to make up the Baltic three, Estonia is the odd one out.  From a racial perspective it does belong in a group of three countries though – the others being Finland and Hungary, the so called Urdo-Finnic  people, a fact not so well known given the geographic nonsense of it all. Estonian women are rare by virtue of their tiny countries population – a mere 1.3 million. But it’s a classic case of quality over quantity. The women have distinctively soft facial features, a cute smile and outstanding figures. Platinum blonde is the default model. Combine this with fiery patriotism, a sharp wit, good English and an obscenely sexy accent and you have an unforgettable package.

7. Hungary

Budapest is famous for two things depending on who you talk too: The best natural spring waters and geothermal baths, and the European capital of porn. And to be fair, both are quite phenomenal accomplishments when you consider the competition out there. But what’s indisputable is that the women are very high quality. Part of the elite 3 Urdo-Finnic club, the girls tend to be intelligent (though few speak good English), loyal, open, and of course, sizzling hot. They are much more traditional than their Finnish and Estonian counterparts, but it’s one of the things which makes them so endearing.

8. Russia






Russian girls are very hard to pin down under any sort of common definition. Many girls are simultaneously proud of their origins on account of their legendary beauty, elegance and femininity, but are also quietly ashamed of their peers less desirable reputation (not undeserved) for gold digging, looniness, and retarded bimboism in general.  Indeed this group is split down the middle with plenty of crossover in between along with a million other entirely randomly traits – a not unsurprising occurrence when you’re dealing with a country which is larger than most continents and planetary moons.  But there’s a certain X factor surrounding all Russians girls that makes them so exciting. That such astounding beauty can be forged from a country with such a violent history. And that beauty is not hard to find.


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  1. Germany and Sweden are fully of FUGLY women. Don’t you realize that American women are ugly primarily because they are mostly of German genetics? You’re such a retard. The rest of the list is good.

      1. As a Polish travelling across Europe a lot I would like to give a thumb up also to Romanian, Croatian, Italian and Spanish women. I’ve found Belgian people as the ugliest in Europe but this is just my personal opinion.

    1. I’ll take a thin, well kempt fugly Euro lady over a fat sloppy American lady any day of the week. One thing I look forward to when traveling away from the U.S. to Europe or Asia- better looking women that don’t eat for sport. 🙂

    2. Ture. Totally true. That dude probably haven’t even been to Germany. O the women he saw on the street of Muchen were tourists.

  2. Latvian girls are also very hot.

    Haha, sexual freakiness of german girls. Makes me wanna packup and go there.

    Currently in Vienna and the girls aren´t bad there.

    BTW: awesome article.

  3. naturally like your website but you have to test the spelling on quite a few of your posts. Many of them are rife with spelling issues and I to find it very bothersome to tell the truth nevertheless I’ll definitely come again again.

    1. Thanks for the feedback mate. I have been pretty slack about these sorts of things – but some serious maintenance time is coming up soon 🙂

  4. Hey! I’m from Ukraine, Kiev! Definitely would meet you in the airport of my country, invite to my cool-ass apartment in the center of Kiev to stay for a day or two, or a week to hang out together.

  5. Polish, Russia, ,Ukrainian- YES…
    but SWEDISH and GERman…???? hahahahahaha Swedish girls are the most OVERRATED girls on the planet. fat and very average faces.
    and GERMAN girls are known in Europe as the ugliest girls in the continent..even uglier than uk girls… you’re crazy.
    the rest is quite ok but i’d add italian girls.

    1. I agree, Swedish girls are the most OVERRATED girls on the planet… German girls should not be in the list (they are boring, sloppy with their appearance, and not that pretty)!

      One thing for sure, the Polish girls are the best in the planet!!! Fun, good looking, respectable, responsible, nurturing, etc, etc… The list of qualities just go on and on! It is unbelievable how nice they can be, and how good they can make you feel!

      1. After travelling all around Europe I can definitely confirm the above…Germany should be removed, put them on the best cars list of Europe

  6. I’ve been to most of these countries and fully agree with your list and rankings. I’m happy you got Germany on there…it’s completely true and most people seem to picture bigger muscular gals. I’ve been with a couple German chicks and both were hot and freaky. Pair it with Oktoberfest and you have a clear Top 5 pick. Oh, and the Polish are smoking and make an excellent #1.

  7. Too bad you omitted Bulgaria, man ;p
    Gorgeous petite girls – the Slavic type of dark, roundish faces, beautiful features, enchanting hazel to dark brown eyes, cute and warm smiles.
    But since you didn’t include Italy or Spain either and noticeably mostly stuck to the ‘Blonde’ countries, I guess those are your preferences 🙂 [Can’t deny the gorgeousness of most of the girls enlisted] Cheers!

    1. Dutch girls look like transvestite men. They are only average looking. They have no breasts. They have hands like men. They have nice hips and sometimes a nice backside, but the whole part man part female thing is a turn off. They are extremely shallow and fake and just not cool at all. Extremely superficial and robotic. They are boring. Ugly to a degree. Though I have seen some decent looking ones. But then those girls have bodies like men. They are not intelligent either. They are extremely dumb. The dutch society is also kind of backwards and ant like. They don’t really come across as real people. They have no minds of their own.

      1. Absolutely nowhere here do I mention the Dutch. Nor do I have any issues with them. Take a chill pill man haha

        1. LOL I’m Swedish and I don’t find Swedish attractive they have cold attitude and too feminist they are too overrated.Where is Romania where is Greece oh my God Greece is so underrated…they have really beautiful and unique chics!!! 😀 Greek Romanian and Russian girls are the best! 🙂

    1. It is not right, buddy! If Russia is not part of Europe, so why 40% of Europe is Russian territory? Don’t forget that Europe ends at the Urals mountains!

  8. Wow, lithuanian girls… God! they r hot! And so strange, because i found out that they r not just hot , but also very caring, loving… What else man could ask ?

    1. yes lithuanian girls are the best, In Poland, Russia, Germany, Sweden, Ukraine are just are very few Beautiful girls… 😀

      1. Livonians are a small Finno-Ugric nation (very close to Estonians), and yes, we are Finno-Ugric, there is no such thing as Urdo-Finnic like You wrote. Please correct that too.

  9. “But what’s indisputable is that the women are very high quality.” How can you say “high quality” about people, as if they were things? And that’s now the only part where you objectify women here…

  10. Hi I aggressive with you.

    I like European girls . The most I like are Poland , Germany , swiss , Sweden girls.
    I am normal tanned skinned Asian with height of 190 cm (6.2) feet l. I have a nice muscular body. What chance do I have ?

  11. Hi 🙂
    Thanks for putting our girls in first place 🙂
    But u should replace Germany with Spain… In Germany is many pretty woman, but most of them are just immigrants from other countries.
    Greetings from Poland, and sorry for my English i’m self learner 🙂

  12. Northern Europeans have really basic bodies, dull features. Nothing special.

    Southern European women are known to have the best bodies, tits and ass. If you want a hour glass figure curvy woman they are found in south of Europe. BUt if you want a woman who is lanky and skinny with no ass or tits then northen european is the place.

    I’d say the best looking women are Eastern European/Slavic. And not all Southern Europeans have dark features. North Italians are very pale with blonde hair and green eyes some even have freckles. Bosniaks, Croats, Serbs – They are tall, pale skinned, hair color ranges from light blonde to medium brown. eyes are all colors, mostly blue and brown. South-eastern Europeans have best of both worlds. Southern bodies with Eastern facial features which means they are very versatile and they don’t all look like clones.

  13. Great post about European girls! Beautiful girls can be found everywhere, but most slavic girls are like a mix of beauty, intelligence and extremely interesting women. I have been in many places in South America and Europe and I prefer East Europe girls.

  14. Hello! Thanks for putting us up on the list! Where is the author of the listing from? US? I would consider Swedish and Slovak girls incredibly beautiful as well. As a treat and some taste of our home-made babes, sth just to listen and WATCH, it`s not the kind of music I do listen on a daily basis, but still lots of girls (Polish dance music clips) 😀 :

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YNfEwI54UP0 (!)





    the last one is kind of calm and it presents a bit of national themes 🙂


    Greetings from Poland!

  15. Ok, now I read, you are from New Zealand. I do love travelling by my-solo-self as well! Hate to listen to moaning and to stop where they like me to. Hope you have great fun whenever you are in the world currently.
    P.S. Are there many German ppl in NZ ? My friends from Germany are telling me all the time they will go and live in NZ…

    1. Hey there, I actually live in Sydney right now and there are heaps of Germans here – and quite a few in NZ 🙂 I haven’t done much travel in a while but hope to get out there again in the 2nd half of this year for a longer period of time – including back to Poland!

  16. not germans… there are very few hot girls in germany. If you see one and she is blond- Russian, if brunette- Turkish! Germans used to sacrifice the most beautiful girls to their gods back in the ancient history, hence only the ugly ones were left to mate.

  17. Everyone in Europe knows that Antipodeans are culturally many years behind Europe, the surprise here is just how far. This stuff looks like something written in the 1960s.

  18. Eastern European countries have so many beautiful women, especially a russia and Ukraine. Scandinavians are fine, but not as stunning as Eastern Europeans by comparison. And German women aren’t very good looking, I have been to Germany and I have seen so few of the pretty ones.

      1. I also don’t get along with Italian girls. They are much too hard work, too hairy and dark. If I am going to talk to a chick who doesn’t speak English she better be a baaaaad ass chick

  19. Lithuanians as runner-ups? I’ll take it 😀 Thanks for the kind word.
    I always recognize when a man hasn’t actually been in Lithuania, though praise the female beauty. It is not a “blonde” country. There are equally dark-skinned and pale women. Lt is, after all, somewhat in the middle between the North and the South.

  20. That’s so true Slavic women are soo gorgeous! I found lots of charming Russian Belarussian and Ukrainian ladies on Globo Girls. And even met one already.

  21. PLEASE get rid of that Bavarian beer fest image that is NOT Germany !!
    That stereotype is like showing a picture of a Scottish guy in kilt and saying this is how most British blokes dress. BAVARIA is like 14% or something of all Germans but their stupid sub-culture is used as the stereotype for all Germans most of whom have nothing to do with their stupid costume cult.

    1. Every country has stereotypes – and let’s face it, Germany has some historically far worse ones than Bavarians drinking enjoying a beer. Furthermore it should be obvious that I’m stereotyping pretty much the whole way through this article and pretty much just having a laugh.

  22. It’s hard to survey because all European countries have very beautiful women. I’m Indian and admit white women are the most attractive on earth. I wish they found me attractive LOL

  23. It depends on what you mean by “beautiful”

    If you want to see beautiful natural girls then
    Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Serbia, Croatia, Germany, Poland, Albania are the place to be. Albanian girls tend to have beautiful hazel eye and very natural faces with no make up. Slavic girls stand out with their high cheekbones. Serbian girls have very nice bodies and great legs!

    If you want to see artificial then
    Lebanon and Brazil are to to be.

  24. Im Lithuanian girl and I live abroad. I have a Brazilian boyfriend of 6 years now and he thinks Lithuanian girls are much prettier than any European girl, even polish, sorry girls :).He can now tell the difference between polish, russian or lithuanian people quite accurately, when most of guys put all of us (polish, lithuanian, latvian, russian, slovakian girls) in one pot- polish or russian. He thinks that compared to brazilian women eastern Europeans are more easy going, fun, relaxed, less bitchy and more down to earth, doesnt have silly female hangups etc.
    But I think people are always attracted to opposite: Mediterranean/ latin/asian are more attractive to blond Europeans and blond blue eye people think that people from medeteranian/latin/asian countries are hot.

  25. eeerrrrmmm you clearly have a thing for Slavic and Eastern European beauty but, what about the warm, passionate and romantic Latin women inhabitating the European continent. Have you ever seen a Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian or Greek woman dude??? I doubt it, otherwise your opinion would be way different!

    1. Southern European women have hot bodies…hourglass figures…..we have meat where it’s supposed to be…………….If you like women that look like real women go to Southern Europe.Northern european women are tall and skinny………no meat just bones.

  26. Germany???!!! What the heck? are you having a bloody laugh? I would easily replace Germany for Spain or Italy. Women there are absolutely gorgeous as well as intelligent and friendly. Check out Paz Vega, Inma Cuevas o Monica Bellucci. They are the perfect definition of beauty! (at least to me!) 😉

    Also, you left out Israel and Turkey man!! women there are to die for!!!!!

  27. Hi,i’m polish girl and i’m look like latin girl;) i have BLACK hair and dark skin soo don’t all people in poland have pale skin and blond hair … For me the most beautiful italian and spanish girls;) but thanks:) POLAND GIRLS THE BEST AND SOOO SEXY ! 😉

    ohh and ” BUt if you want a woman who is lanky and skinny with no ass or tits then northen european is the place. ” < this is not true ! all women in north europe have nice ass and tits ! haha lol but this is true 😉 i agree that south girls is beautiful but in poland is very girls about dark skin and hair:) don't only blonde ! omg ;p i think that in poland is more brunette girls , not blonde girls;)

    This is my opinion 😉 of course every girl is beautiful ! black, brunette, blond, redhead 🙂

  28. u guys wanna know a secret ??
    norwegians look just like swedes jsut that norwegians are very fit, and have extremely ncie bodies 🙂
    swedes jsut have nice faces, but norway has everything 🙂

  29. I’ll agree Polish women are the best. My gf is first generation American in her family, but grew up culturally Polish. She is an absolute sexual freak and has eyes that can bring you to your knees.

    1. Her sister lives in Florida, also first generation, but hangs out with all Polish imigrants that moved to the state of Florida. I have been down to visit. Absolutely stunning Polish girls and very polite and friendly, which you do not get from good looking American girls, who generally have the “I’m too hot to talk to you” attitude.

  30. You couldn’t be more wrong… Here’s the real top eight.

    1. Greece
    2. Turkey
    3. Italy
    4. Spain
    5. Portugal
    6. France
    7. The whole of former Yugoslavia
    8. Ukraine

  31. not all, but many girls from poland and other slavic countries are not very pretty, all the polish girls i have met have look pale and unhealthy, and they have bad dental hygiene from poor quality water and a lot of staining foods that is typical in these countires and a lot of smoking which isvery popular amoungst slaic girls too

    1. wow….dental hygiene & staining food?…..are you kidding me?! Have you visit a totally different Poland then I was living in?! Polish girls are one of the most clean women in the world – the same as Czech, Slovak or France.

  32. Are you kiddin about lithuanian girls? 😀 iv been there and those are ugly and strange as hell. my favorites are slavic( russian, ukrainian,polish) also scandinavian girls

  33. Hi, I have been lucky enough to have had girlfriends from almost all of the countries on the list and agree with most of the descriptions about the girls. But I would take out german and sweden from the list. I have traveled to both of these countries. Sweden girls are overrated, they are muscular and with average looking bodies and faces, not the typical types portrayed by media or in the movies. German girls are dull, boring and below average with a harsh strong unfriendly accent. Germany and Sweden were ok to be on the list during the cold war, when there was a iron curtain hiding the beauties from eastern and central europe but now, there is no place on the list for these countries. I would rather have Slovakian and Czech girls instead of these two countries.

    Here is in my opinion top 25 countries with hot girls:

    1) Lithuania
    2) Ukraine
    3) Estonia
    4) Russian
    5) Czech Republic
    6) Slovak Republic
    7) Slovenia
    8) Hungarian
    9) Brazilian
    10) Columbian
    11) Polish
    12) Croatian
    13) Persian (iranian)
    14 ) Bulgarian
    15) Americain (certain parts only)
    16) Japanese
    17) Korean
    18) French
    19) Argentinian
    20) Italian
    21) Spanish
    22) Canadian
    23) Moroccan
    24) Turkish
    25) Greek

    Let me know what you think?

    1. I think it’s different strokes for different folks 🙂 I’d never be so clear cut about something so subjective. Especially as I haven’t been everywhere.

  34. Maria u are crazy ! haha omg i dont believe:d we have bad dental hygiene and poor quality water ? If with you wanted talk only girls with bad dental hygiene it you are probably not beautifull 😀

  35. First of all Poland isn’t most western slavic country. It’s the Czech Republic. Seriously, get your facts straight before you put it online. You were wrong. Once again please remember THE CZECH REPUBLIC IS THE MOST WESTERN SLAVIC COUNTRY, not only geographically but also economically and culturally. Thank you!!!!!

  36. Damn, and what about BELARUS (most beautiful slavic girls are there) AND ITALY (most gorgeous EUROPEAN girls)?? Man, I suppose you’ve never been there at all!!

  37. i worked in a merchant ship before, and i went around these and other countries and founded beautiful girls in each one, and the main factor is what level of tolerance, spirituality and education they have, all the rest depends on it.

  38. I’m traveling around Europe at the moment and have been amazed by Lithuanian girls, they are stunning. The most westerly of the Slavs are the Czechs, and they are well known for being slim and gorgeous, and I can confirm that after being there. The southern Slavs of Croatia are hot too. I would say the order is Lithuanians, Czechs, Croats and then Polish from the countries I’ve visited so far. I imagine the other Baltic girls are up there as well.

  39. I know it has been stated that this post was placed here to have a laugh but somehow struggle to find it a laughing matter seeing how entire nations of women are declared as ugly or manly or whatever else, it just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Actually, It sounds more like a meat and fish market rather than anything else, looks like respect towards other human beings has not been instilled in you. I am not so sure you would be pleased guys if some girls went ahead with a similar post and comments, it would hit your male egos real hard:)

  40. In addition to my comment above, I am not so sure I could at this point agree with the statement that all Polish girls have outstanding personalities. I do hope that most of them do, however my experience with some I have encountered has been rather bitter so bitter that I cannot help but add this comment on here. I was shocked by their cold, calculating and manipulative ways when it came to other people (guys, girls and even their own family members) and do not see how this can be classed as outstanding therefore I do find this post rather misleading.

  41. I’ve been to Germany.. Definitely didn’t see one hot girl while I was there. A lot of really decent, average looking girls and not too many morbidly obese people but, honestly, the only goodlooking people I saw in Germany that stood out just so happened to be Italians and what I believe to be Turks.

    I don’t find them freakier than any other European woman and if they are, well, you gotta make up for something somewhere ya know?

    There are just as many freaky American women. If you’re looking for a good time and nothing serious– obviously German girls are a great choice. Would never in a million years wife one. They’re just too easy to get and to easy to take. Not really an accomplishment landing one.

    Lithuanians are probably the most attractive on the list. Polish girls have a tendency to look inbred at times. Swedish girls are pretty hot just because they keep themselves up.

  42. “It’s no wonder the Germans were so full of themselves and their racial traits 70 years ago, as both the men and women are prone to taking on the most spectacular forms of their respective genders.”
    You’re an idiot.

  43. I don’t mean to boast, but Russia and Germany should be number 1 and 2. We rule!!

    And to that guy who said most German girls are fugly, well I hope you get f*cked in the ass by 100 of our worst nazis, and then forced to drink beer for the rest of your life. Since our stereotypes appeal so much to you

  44. The issue with “bad reputation” when it comes to Russian women is that most immigrants in the US and EU from ex-Soviet republics refer to themselves as Russian. In US, this is mostly due to American ignorance of geography. Not sure what their excuse is in EU. But next time you meet a “Russian” be sure to ask them where are they from exactly and you are most likely to get a response “well, actually….” Ukrainian girls are by far the most promiscuous out of the group and until recently have been referring to themselves as Russian. Now, they suddenly found their national pride and are more eager to correct you if you call them Russian. Just thought I’d share my observations. Guys, don’t get fooled by “Russian” girls your meet abroad lol

  45. This is one of the most offensive articles I have seen in quite a long time. Stop objectifying women in this manner. This is offensive to ALL women whether they are deemed “beautiful” or not. This is so sad.

  46. You have to realize that Lithuania, Estonia, and Ukraine were once Poland, meaning that they are all of Polish descent, which is why they are all so beautiful.

    1. Are you an idiot? Lithuania and Latvia are Baltic and even before that – Indoeuropean, making them of extremely old descent then Estonians are Fino-Ugrs and Polish are Slavic, that came to the theritory of Europe much later. Yes, Lithuania and Poland once had a union but it happened in MEDIEVAL ages. Is that old enough to make Lt “polish”? I don’t think so. Grab a History book, dear Polish guy 😀

  47. I’m Ukrainian, only the second year in US, lived in Austria and travelled a lot.
    My opinion: so ugly, but true about Ukrainian girls, lots have low self esteem and sleep with ugly old guys so they can buy them a car. However, they are naturally skinnier and prettier than German, Swedish and Austrian girls. Bad that they know about it =(
    Polish are really tiny and really proud of their country, think they should win for sure. heard about guys going crazy in Krakow =) I also liked tall Latvian and Lithuanian beauties, but wouldn’t call them sexy.. Italians are not good looking in their features but they are always dressed so good and really look after themselves. US girls are either too much into sport or fat and have crazy ass self-esteem, have no idea how the guys can be attracted to sweatpants, too much makeup and hair looking like just woke up..
    The “hottest” are latino girls, but they can be too vulgar..

    1. Hmmmm, Good point I’ll say Brazil & Uruguay blew me away (South America) saw several “drop dead gorgeous” females in South of Spain, but I agree with you about the East European countries…They’ could be Best!

  48. Everybody is whining about Spanish and Italian girls not being on the list, but the thing is that in these two countries I did see a couple of stunning ones but the rest really don’t look pretty at all, mostly due to their roots. They lack femininity, softness, delicate features, in my opinion.

  49. I would say: Czech, Polish, Russian, Norwegian – one of the most beautiful girls!
    Greetings from Polish girl living in the US 🙂

  50. Being probably the only one in that chat who already had the opportunity to live for longer in each of the nations listed – I can only confirm: That with Germany is total nonsense. They are probably below the European average. Polish/ Czech women are “ok” – but for sure not at the TOP. McDonalds and other fast food chains have done there a good job… Probably Belarus/Latvia should be included in that list…

  51. I was stationed in Germany and I visited most of Europe. I wasn’t blown away by any. There are pretty and ugly girls everywhere. To me America is best. We have everything. I’m from san diego where you could see a hot blond, hot black, hot brunette, hot Asian and hot Mexican girl hanging out. We also get great mixes out here. I’ve seen girls with sky blue eyes and beautiful creamy brown skin from mixing. Looks beautiful. Only two places I was blown away by women are Miami and brazil. Both because the women there dress in thongs.

    1. You’re deluded and biased, just like most insecure Americans. Also, try to stick with the theme; ‘8 European Countries of amazingly beautiful girls’. Most people in Europe are natural, and stick to their own. America is a disaster, there’s nothing to be proud of. Try sticking to people types and those countries that have a heritage. Americans are just immigrants, with no definable look. Some are decent looking, but not natural. Anyone can look good after surgery. To say that you weren’t blown away, by lets say Slovakians, is bizarre.

  52. this is bs acording to travels that been through euorpe on the rooshv forum Ukraine and russia is the best. sweden is overated

    1. Wow, if someone on a forum largely full of virgins said something it must be the absolute truth! And Roosh wrote a book about how he couldn’t get laid in Denmark in 3 months. Enough said there.

  53. I’m from Poland but I’m not beautiful. My boyfriend’s family is also from Poland and his mother is one of the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met here. Idk about it being full of gorgeous women though because my mother, my sisters, cousins, aunts, and friends and myself of Polish descent aren’t good looking. Just because you have blonde hair, blue/green eyes and pale skin doesn’t mean you’re good looking. Actually most Polish people are ugly. Not just my family but I would say more ugly than attractive. I think Slavic girls are boriiiiing! Where are the fun girls! Not the drunk all the time/racist poles. (Not patriotic) hahaha

  54. u wrote swedish or danish or finland and scandinavian.
    yes u are right about the masculine part, but about being fun to be around and about being nice i think are wrong.
    because most of those girls are very snobbish, cold personality, very shallow girls, not nice to be around at all.

    and if look at this webpages by a guy named rush u will also see why.




      1. I live in Denmark, im sure i know better than u. and yes some girls here looks good. but many here are also fat and ugly.
        and the worst about them is their personality, they are very shallow and not nice girls.
        whats the use of a girl looks hot if she is too shallow and not nice personality?
        have u ever been in Denmark?
        and if u have? how do u look like?
        are u a good looking guy? then maybe u have good chance here, because the girls only care about the look and have too high expectations on a guys look.
        the girls here it dosent matter if they look good or bad or if they are thin or fat, all of them want perfect looking guy with very handsome face and very sexy body.
        normal average looking guy in normal shape and normal look the girls dont like them here.
        so dont say bullshit about something u dont know about.

        1. No, I haven’t been there. But I meet plenty abroad and they seem all good to me. My question is, why the hell are you bringing up Denmark when it’s not even included here?

    1. @J .. you are crazy about Saying danish women are ugly, roosh just dont like germanic/nordic features, thats all. Im crazy about tall blonde women with germanic features and I love them..

      for example here is a sample of what danish women look .. in my experience they are much better than swedish and norwegian women.

      yeah how ugly danish women are…


      its packed of lovely blondes..

      1. Eliogabalus, I am crazy? haha
        im sure i know better than u. and just because u found a video on youtube with some good looking danish girls dosent mean all danish girls looks good. and not all girls in the video looks good.
        and u found a video of girls in a carnival were its mostly good looking girls who go out to carnivals to wear little dress and show off their body.
        what about all the fat ugly danish girls staying at home eating fastfood and drinking cola and weight 100+ kg and dont go to the carnival because they feel shy of their fat bodies?
        did they show those girls on that video from youtube?
        u can find good looking girls in any country of the world if u just choose 1 youtube video or some youtube videos to prove that.
        that doesnt mean all the girls here looks good.
        and same time even if some girls here looks good, whats the use of it if they are very shallow and have bad personality?
        unless u are a very good looking guy then if u go and talk to this girls they will turn u down very fast.
        so if u are not very good looking guy and i mean it when i say very good looking, because the girls here are very shallow.
        so if u are not very good looking guy then please come here to Denmark and try to see your luck with those girls and see how fast those girls will turn u down and maybe even laugh at u and tell u how discusting u are even u are normal weight and some of those girls actually are overweight and will still turn u down.
        so yes please come to Denmark and see by yourself.

        and if its about finding videos or links or pictures on internet i can easily find many pictures of fat ugly danish woman, and u can also make internet dating profile on danish dating sites and see how many overweight girls u will find there.
        just because u find a video or some videos or links on youtube or on the internet of good looking danish women dosent mean they all look like that, and even if they did it dosent matter as long as they are so shallow and have very bad personality.

        but here you go a link of danish women and their overweight and eating problems, the site is in danish but u can see the picture.
        yes wow see how beautiful and sexy this danish woman is. lol





          1. So when u have nothing to say. then thats ur argument that i have to chill out? lol
            and why one of my comments is under moderation and still not accepted here even i wrote it same day like this last comment that u accepted and replied?

            you ask me why i bring up Denmark here and that its not included here?
            look at your own text, look at number 4 u write Sweden, and u write that u could have easily change it with Norway or Denmark.
            So u did mention Denmark.
            And i also see other here comment about Denmark.
            Or now when u have nothing to say then u ask me why i mention Denmark?

            And im not the one calling other people crazy or bullshit or saying what the hell.
            Did u learn anything about manners since when u have different opinions with me then u need to use bad words?
            You and Eliogabalus made personal attacks/words against me just because u dont agree with my opinions.

            And u say u have meet danish girls outside Denmark, thats not same as living in Denmark or being in Denmark.
            Some people when they travel they are more nice and easier to talk to because when they travel they are more open to talk to other people and more fun to be with.
            So u cant really compare that to live in Denmark and talked to many danish girls in Denmark.
            And did u actually make a relationship with those girls?
            Or they just talked to u in nice and sweet way and then u think they are so nice and not superficial? lol

  55. What about Czech girls??? I know some Czech girls who are sexy, fun, smart and beautiful…..apart from the racist to blacks….they should be on that list!!

  56. Best countries for women:

    Note : I love tall slim natural blondes with nordic features..

    1) Netherlands 2) Denmark 3) Czech 4) Belarus 5) Russia

    Germany is actually pretty decent, specially the regions bordering netherlands and denmark. If you are into tall natural blonde women with blue/green eyes like me then germany can be quite good sometimes.

    The worst is the UK and Ireland, girls are pasty, quite fat, ugly faces and their blondes are all fake blond, hardly any hot natural blonde girls there .

    Southern europe is not interesting for me.. boring mediterranean looks.

  57. After completing my trip around a large chunk of Europe, which involved spending most of my time checking out the ladies, I now have a better understanding of this subject 🙂 There is no doubt at all that the most beautiful looking were in Slovakia. Almost every girl I saw was slim and naturally sexy, and many were tall. I saw three of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen in the world, and I’ve been to many places. They are way ahead of any other, so it’s a shock that they aren’t even on your list, but as you say it’s down to personal choice. Lithuanians were the next best. Czechs are more mixed, with some average, but still many who were very beautiful. I would say Czech girls are the best all round because they are often slim, naturally beautiful and are the best people. I met many Czech girls who were sweet, generous, fun, innocent and so well behaved. In comparison, British girls are common, not very well behaved and are disrespectful to men. Croatians are natural and pretty, just like many other Slavs. The Hungarians were a disappointment. Lots of average girls, and some that were OK were wearing a lot of makeup, in quite a few cases to hide spotty skin – I think junk food is more popular there now. Also, I thought they were quite cold and distant. Whilst in Berlin, I didn’t see a single girl, (no exaggeration), that I would describe as being beautiful. Some were OK and in good shape, but had very bland or ordinary faces. I wouldn’t describe them as being ugly, just very ordinary. Another comment mentioned something very similar, so there is validity to it. Russian girls are fine, but not the best. Ukrainians are pretty, but not as sexy as Slovaks/Czechs. Finally it’s worth mentioning the Poles. I visited Poland for a few days, but didn’t see the high percentage of pretty girls that you see in Slovakia. Some of fine, but many are not. I’ve known many Poles in the UK, and not that many have been hot. Just my opinion.

  58. I love all those women from the above countries extremely damn much but it is extremely difficult for me to go for one of them as they have attracted me extremely so much!!!My 8 European countries of the amazingly beautiful girls based on your article above are -> 1.Germany,2.Hungary,3.Estonia,4.Sweden,5.Russia,6.Ukraine,7.Lithuania and 8.Poland.I really wanna love,marry and be together forever with a German woman and I cannot wait to see one of them!!!I really love German women extremely so much!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  59. Stereotypes on big display here. Anyway I agree Slavic girls, esp. East Slavic ones are the most beautiful on average. I would not reduce it on racial traits. This is a bit anachronistic. Also Russian and Ukranians as well as Polish women are very diverse. You can find dark haired round faced beauties as well as blonde, oval faced girls. Esp. Russia is very mixed.

    Anyway when it comes to character you have to be cautios. The more East you go the more women insist that men pay anything for them. Thats a huge criteria for them. Thats also a main reason why many console themselves with sub average looking men or old geeks. Because of their financial power. If you are a moderate earning man or a student you have basically no chance with these girls. They can drive you into bancrupcty.
    In Poland, Czech. Rep. or Slovakia its a bit better in this regard. But still far from ideal. Beauty is still very widespread there.
    In Germany or Scandinavia its a totally other picture. There women tend to be very emancipated. Most of them even decline invitations or in extreme cases pay for men 🙂
    But they also look far less feminine and also often dress awful. They just care less about their appearance.
    A typical implication of feminism.

    This said its all about tendencies. You can find exceptions to the rule anywhere, even though mentality is shaped very much by environment as we all know.

    Last but not least: An insider tip if you are looking for a decent girl, but also someone who does not empty your purse too fast is Austria. There you find a fusion of Germanic/Slavic traits and women tend to be more on the humble side but still dress hot and are often very charming and good looking. The other side of the coin is that these girls are extremly selective….

  60. Mike and all!

    No matter how objective or subjective 😉 the article is, it is nice to see Poland on the first place (no matter women/ sport/ music…)- I guess my patriotic side’s been just revealed. Yes, I’m Polish and proud of it 🙂 Many things you wrote about Polish girls are generally true I would say. I think most Polish girls are very feminine but at the same time easy going, adventurous and well educated. They are independent but never forget to be women 😉
    It’s a funny stereotype though when I hear we are all blonde with blue eyes- I’m myself green-eyed with brown hair (many foreigners think I’m either Russian or Brazilian due to the colour thing…) and you will see more of brunettes and brown-haired than blondes (many dye hair blonde).
    I have many international friends and it’s hard for me to list first 8 of most beautiful girls. It’s so diverse, I saw beautiful and less attractive girls round the globe.

    I’d say though something about guys- I’m not fond of American dudes- those whom I met, even if attractive and smart, very easy and fast- I’m not fond of this attitude- I do not respect that. Also, I was not fond of the invasive Italian attitude… I liked though many Germans- some of them are very attractive and at the same time chivalrous (yes we (Polish) do like it), open-minded, polite and smart, more reserved though (but only at first and I do appreciate it) 😉

    Thx for sharing. I also laughed hard reading all the comments :)) Greetings to all from POLAND 🙂


  61. I really had good laughs while reading all comments. I am Polish and truly I see no country dependent difference in the percentages of pretty girls versus ugly ones. I saw beauties in Germany and in UK. Also there are uglies in Poland, other slavic countries as well as baltic states. The other thing is that different people like different things. Some like blonds, some brunettes – great that there is a choice, no?
    The biggest and easily noticed difference is within the group of middle aged and elderly women. Poland sadly is not in the top 10 (but it is getting better now). But in Germany, France and Austria i saw lots of really beautiful older ladies . I think this would be something to think about if choosing a girlfriend who can actually become your future wife 🙂
    BTW, have you ever seen polish, female politicians (infamous Beata Szydlo – ugly both physically and mentally or Krystyna Pawlowicz- batsh*t crazy, she thinks she is very pretty and nice and shares shamelessly this thought publically )? Weak hearted be warned ! Nightmares guaranteed!

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