An Introduction to Internet Marketing: So You Want To Make Money And Travel The World?

An Introduction to Internet Marketing: So You Want To Make Money And Travel The World?

I’m currently in the amazing beach town of Sihanoukville, Cambodia, getting my PADI Open Water Diving Certification, Partying and taking total advantage of the local exchange rate. Long term expats call this place – Stuckville – and I can see why. Prior to here I spent 2 days getting my internal clock back in order in the shanty metropolis of Phnom Penh, The Royal Palace complex (pictured) being one of the few scenic areas of town.

Anyway I wanted to address something different today, mostly to save myself having to redo the spiel I do every time someone enquires what the hell is my job, and how is it  allowing me to travel indefinitely. From now on, I’m just going to send them a link to this post. Anyway, I’m  what you call an internet marketer/web affiliate. All I need is some wifi and I’m good to go. Location: irrelevant. Boss: None. Earning Potential: Unlimited. Timothy Ferris’ ‘4 Hour Work Week’ approval: Yes.

This is what I do. Well, one methodology of it anyway. But saying you do Internet marketing is like saying you do Science  – it’s pretty freaking broad. I could write an e-book about Internet Marketing and how to bank coin with it (and may yet do), but the essence is that you are providing companies with business via the internet. This could take many forms; information about prospects, sales leads or even sales outright – for which you are rewarded with a commission. How you find and channel these leads is the game itself. Broadly speaking, there are two sources of web traffic: Paid and Free. Both have their virtues and pitfalls, but the main differentiator is time. Free traffic can take a long time to garner results (if any), where-as with Paid, the results are instant (as in you instantly make or lose money).

The other factor is the legitimacy of your traffic source, which – again broadly  – can be divided into two areas: Blackhat and Whitehat. Pure Blackhat is the scum of the internet – blasting people with pop ups, spyware and annoying dating promotions, when all you really want is to be left alone to watch your porn in peace. Blackhat can be extremely profitable, but you also risk getting banned from affiliate networks (more on that in a bit) or even taken to court. Whitehat methodology on the other hand is the ‘Good Guy Greg’ of the IM world – non-intrusive, and often actually helpful. The most shining example of Whitehat IM is Google Adwords – those sponsored results that appear at the top of your search listings whenever you use the Internet’s favourite son. That being said, a great deal of internet marketers sit somewhere in between – Greyhat land so to speak. I myself tend to dwell on the Whitehat side, with the odd shade of grey.

Now to a pressing issue, that is – how do you find businesses that will pay you for leads in the first place? And the encouraging answer is – you don’t have to: Affiliate Networks have already done all the hard work – and you’ll want to be joining at least one good one or more. Affiliate Networks act as brokers, attracting businesses that want to be promoted online, work out the terms and conditions for the commission on a lead, and then put the offer out to the affiliate (i.e. you). The Network then takes a small cut of every commission generated by an Affiliate. Everybody wins.

Almost anyone can join almost any affiliate networks since, as I noted, you are only ever paid on commission. As an affiliate you can also choose which offers you want to promote or not. Most networks have 1000’s to choose from across every industry imaginable.

A common question people ask me is how long it takes for you to get good at any particular IM method. Which is really like asking how long a piece of string is. For me (with PayPerCall) it took 7 months to start earning REAL money – but even then your earnings will mostly be impossible to determine from one day to the next.

The crux of it is how fast you can become technically proficient AS WELL AS investing a shit ton of time, frustration, intelligence, creativity and testing. My favourite thing about IM is that once you have campaigns that are working, you can sit back, relax and let the money keep flowing in on auto-pilot. Theoretically you could spend 2 hours setting up a campaign, which if done really well, could be pulling you hundreds or thousands of dollars in profit on auto a day, for weeks or months – with zero additional input. Also theoretically, you could spend weeks and weeks playing round with a campaign that does nothing but lose you money. You could also stumble across the perfect campaign, only to have the advertiser pull it the next day. I’ve had experiences with all of these.

So how do you get started? Well first of all you need to choose what kind of IM you want to get into – and there are plenty to consider. Rather than list them ad infinitum I recommend checking out the forums and browsing around there until you see something that appeals to you. Once you’ve chosen one – STICK THE FUCK with it and go HARD. No matter which one you choose, you’re going to suck ass at it for a considerable period of time, so don’t go switching around from one to the next just because it seems too hard or you heard that some other methodology is earning someone else more money, you can earn big bucks with any method. When I started Pay-per-call, me and my mentor had no real idea what the earning potential of it was, since it was relatively new on the scene. Since then we’ve both had scenarios where we’ve pulled over 2k+ profit on one day.

This brings me to the next thing you need to do – find a mentor. It will make your life much, much easier. They won’t give away their profit making campaigns to you – but they will be there for support and let you know if you’re on the right track. Where to find a mentor then? Browse around forums long enough and you’ll find plenty of people selling their how-to e-books and mentoring services. Many are hucksters and to be honest, it’s really hard to tell who is legit and who isn’t.

You can decide yourself if you think I am. I’ve already helped a number of people succeed in the IM world, and therefore I’m putting my coaching services out there via Skype for one-on-one training. I’ll walk you hand in hand how to get set up technically, pick offers, and build profitable campaigns – or anything else you want to discuss. And if you think the session wasn’t worth it – I’ll refund your money.

If nothing else, I hope I answered the question of how I have the freedom to live my life the way I do. As far as other ‘jobs’ that offer you parallel earning potential and a lifestyle of total freedom – the other options are Online Poker Player and Day Trader. Though as I have no personal experience in either of these, I’ll defer your enquiries back to the thing that makes me cash every day: Google.

For enquiries about personal Internet Marketing coaching, add me on Skype with a message specifying coaching. My username is: mikescipio


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