It’s only taken us our Lifetime

It’s only taken us our Lifetime

It’s only taken us our lifetime
To get right here, right now
We’ve already wasted far too much time
We got to make up for what we missed

They’ve already delayed most of our day
Too funny, all the games they play
We’ve already wasted far too much time
Got to make up for what we missed

Oh, hey, I must say
With you, anything is possible

– Lifetime, New Zealand Shapeshifter

As I strike these keys it’s 1:39pm on Friday the 12th of July, 2013. I have 3 hours left of work, for someone else, for the foreseeable future – for likely, forever. Though to say I’ve actually been doing work for this company over the last week is a stretch. My accounts, tasks, meetings and other day-to-day corporate trivialities were passed on and off from me nearly two weeks ago.

I’ve been fantasizing about this approaching hour for such a long time, but the end sensation might best be described as stupor. I put my headphones back on and listen to Lifetime by NZ Shapeshifter.

People keep telling me I’m lucky. Frankly this pisses me off. I haven’t won the lotto, being helped out or gifted some other variety of random fortune. Barely anyone is aware of what I put into making this happen.

Starting towards the end of 2011, I realized that I couldn’t settle for anything less than a lifestyle the supported my ultimate passion – the exploration of the world and enlightening others about it. Four weeks leave a year to do the thing you love most is a pittance. Especially when it’s bookended by 48 weeks of mind-numbing corporate routine. There was never going to be any traditional job I was going to enjoy – no matter how ‘good’ it was. Nearly on par, I was never going to enjoy working for someone else. The money factor is irrelevant. To me, money is just a facilitator for the things we love doing most.

It was a startling and disheartening epiphany. Either I had to create my own independent income source where I could travel and earn from anywhere, entirely on my terms – or never truly be happy. It was a gun to the head moment, and it never abated. Perhaps you could say I was lucky I had this realization and new mindset installed – because it’s what got me through 3 failed business schemes and onto the one that was actually a hit – working in total freedom as a web affiliate.

In late March 2013 I felt I’d finally achieved it, but I wanted to wait a few months to see if it was real – not some fluke or flash in the pan. Four months deep I was confident that this was real. I gave my months’ notice, and began counting down to where we’re at now.

This blog is currently getting redone and thus this post cannot appear in real time. But right now felt like the best time to write it.

Now we can start travelling.

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